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the whole network is expected to the end of August this year officially put into cheap coins fifa. The Ji’nan city government agencies quantum communication network, after Ji’nan quantum communication test network, cheap coins fifa first real commercial quantum communication network. Ji’nan quantum communication test network is currently the world’s largest and most complete quantum cheap coins fifa network. As of this year at the beginning of the year, Ji’nan quantum communication network test has been carried out 51000 times of information transmission, which cheap coins fifa secure telephone, fax and file transfer, business success rate of over 99%, only a phone, than the current standard requires the communication buy mut coins rate is also higher than cheap coins fifa more than 10 percentage points since the Ji’nan government. Quantum communication network to test the authority from May, completed a more than 50 item test, the cheap coins fifa security of communication between all users to achieve every second more than 4000 passwords. Ji’nan madden mobile unlimited coins Science Research assistant dean Zhou Fei said, Ji’nan city cheap coins fifa agencies quantum communication network built in August,