The most profound fifa 18 coins experience of three points

Air Force aviation regiment head Liu Rui, National fifa 18 coins of Defense Technology School of Electronic Science Professor Wang Feixue 4 on behalf of the scene to answer questions from fifa 18 coins and foreign journalists. A reporter asked, how to understand the party’s 19 report “strong army Xing army to create a new situation” cheap fifa coins statement. Wang Rui said that fifa 18 coins years, our country has made rapid development in various fields, the troops have also undermined changes. The most profound experience of three points: First, the fifa 18 coins of grassroots officers and men of the party, the president of the loyalty and love growing, we learn the new era of the party’s strong military thinking, dry strong military career, fifa 18 coins for a new era of revolutionary military atmosphere growing; Deepen the national defense and military reform hut coins achieve a historic breakthrough, the formation of military fifa 18 coins, the main battle of the theater,