the future network fifa 18 coins launched

the future network launched the “youth voice and propaganda vehicle network security fifa 18 coins line in Beijing started to” network security propaganda vehicles “in the form of network security knowledge will go fifa 18 coins the country to the young people around. The publicity vehicle will be AR, VR, 4D, speech recognition No, cross screen interaction, data visualization of the latest fifa 18 coins integration of a variety of network security knowledge, to create a nearly 10 interactive experience, let the youth experience end learning knowledge of network security in the fifa 18 coins-tech, improve network security awareness. “Bandwagon” through 15 provinces, has covered more than 30 million people, nhl coins the real flow the “national network fifa 18 coins youth science base.” strengthen the Internet security protection of young people, to provide green network environment, but also should pay attention to teenagers each fifa 18 coins with internet network environment. Not long ago, in the youth to create dedicated security nba coins protection software,