The activities of the fifa 18 coins organizers

The activities of the organizers China CCPIT, vice president of the fifa 18 coins Chamber of Commerce Chinese Chen Zhou said in his speech, the formulation and revision of the future to fifa 18 coins in economic Chinese depth industry international rules and international practice, to create Chinese the image in this field, a China voice. Chinese International Chamber of Commerce fifa 18 coins make full use of their own advantages and platform in the business circle of influence, to further strengthen the dialogue with the fifa coins, through the fifa 18 coins, to form a good industry law, policy system, so that enterprises can sustainable and healthy development. (share of business leaders, scholars in the BRIC countries share economic fifa 18 coins hot sharing economy) seek overseas developmentActively participate in the formulation of international industry rules of the BRICs share economic forum aimed at fifa 18 coins the BRICs summit achievements, promote cooperation, promote the sharing of economic healthy nba 2k18 mt. The share economy craze sweeping the globe, is profoundly fifa 18 coins the traditional production and life style,