involving ticket fifa 18 coins suspicious

involving ticket suspicious identity personnel fifa 18 coins database, and through the network platform analysis, effectively improve the accuracy of the final clues judged, fifa 18 coins, and precision strikes. According to reports, the police through data analysis, crime more than cattle down to sell train tickets have been mastered, the time is ripe will fifa 18 coins arrest.9 2 July 15 pm, plainclothes police squad through the data platform, ferreting out clues, illegal workers arrested a suspected of Scalping Train tickets in a parking lot near the fifa 18 coins West Railway Station. Suspect Hu, fifa coins, 35 years old, Hebei city of Zhangjiakou province. From the police on the spot seized train for more than 50 copies. The use of fifa 18 coins means to master cattle activity trajectory, the implementation of precision strike plainclothes police detachment according to the nba 2k18 mt in charge, except through the data fifa 18 coins results, the police also by plainclothes squatting, the transfer of control Video, secret reconnaissance and other effective measures, grasp the “track cattle”, and gradually to fifa 18 coins evidence of illegal illegal personnel.