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Compared with 2016, the same period this year, significantly madden coins the number from North Africa to Europe via the Mediterranean refugees. The number of rescue personnel to madden coins out rescue operations also increased. According to the report, the international organization for migration released data show that as of June 21st this year, arrive by sea of madden coins immigrants and refugees reached 83928 people, of which more than 80% people arrived in the Italy, the rest distributed in Greece, Cyprus and Spain. ultimate team coins show that up to madden coins people through the registration number of refugees in Italy arrived in the Mediterranean. Compared with the same period last year increased by 27.6%., the report also madden coins out that the number of refugees in Turkey is about 3 million 300 thousand people. Greece madden mobile coins for sale more than 62000. From January to May at the end of this year in Germany, madden coins new refugee submitted for 77148 cases, in 2016 the annual number of refugees for 280 thousand. In addition, the Spanish coast guard last year, a total of 6 rescued 726 madden coins sea to the Spanish refugees. On the 24 day,

World Cup Jerseys Final Closing Ceremony Shakira Keeshenka Pillay Netherlands vs Spain Prima or Ole

World Cup Jerseys Final Closing Ceremony Shakira Keeshenka Pillay Netherlands vs Spain Prima or Ole

World Cup Jerseys The Final Game The Closing Ceremony Shakira and Keeshenka Pillay and top African Artists Netherlands vs Spain Prima or Ole?

Is it irony or is it irony? The Dutch settled in the Cape on April 6th 1652 and establsihed their kindom in Cape Town. Now on July 11th the Dutch settles in Soccer City and establish their world wide dominion in soccer. Once again South Africa is the place where the Dutch makes their mark.

Soccer City South Africa is the only place where 90,000 people are sweating in winter; it is the sweat of absorbed performance anxiety (APA). Not even Shakira and eight year old Keeshenka Pillay could bring calm to their spirits. In fact they just made things worse with their gyration to the African beat. Men and women, this African thing is infectious. The African smile is not a put on; it is a permanent fixture. The people are all smiling or is it an anticipatory grimace? The beat is fun, electric, exciting, encouraging, inviting, joyous!

The South African beloved President, Jacob Zuma thanks Sepp Blatter, FIFA and South Africans for a perfect Worl Cup Tournament.

The moment has finally arrived. The stadium is packed. Everyone is on edge on their seat. The vuvuzelas go berserk. The crowd is delirious with delight. Black and white, national and foreigner, soccer expert and soccer novice are all crammed into Soccer City. The air is electrified with expectation. Everyone takes their seat and shouts quietly to the person seated next to them, “Do you think that our team will win?”

They came from near and far, they came from the east and the west, north and the south and some even came from out there. They sported the jersey of their team. They dressed in the national colors of their nation. They moved frequently to keep up with their team. They had to change hotels and catch a flight like they were just going downtown on a bus ride. Paying for a plane ride in dollars felt like paying for a matinee at the movies. When last indeed were things so cheap?

Well now the end is near. Finally the Netherlands appear on the field and then it is Spain. The crowd cheers and it feels like being crazy is the new normal. The vuvuzelas, the vuvuzelas is driving me nuts. The players cannot hear the whistle. They have to ask the crowd to be silent during the playing of the national anthem of Holland and Spain respectively.

And then the game begins at an electric pace. Spain is first to draw blood through a Andres Iniesta, Xavi and David Villa move. Luckily they fail to score. And then the Netherlands winning warriors wage war on Spain, relentlessly. Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and Captain Giovanni van Bronckhorst put a Dutch plan into action and they have scored two goals in quick succession. It was as if the Spanish team took a momentary siesta. Sham, Spain never recovered.

The Netherlands are the new holders of the coveted FIFA Soccer World Cup.

So long South Africa, adios, wederom! We will be back. Thank you for your humungous hospitality. FIFA World Cup salutes every South Africa for a perfect stay. It was as if crime went to sleep for a month. Lets hope it will stay in a state of perpetual slumber.

Switzerland upset photos

Switzerland upset photos

That is when Gelson Fernandes scored a goal. It was during the second half (in the 52nd minute) and with it Switzerland pulled off their very first win against Spain.

Fans may not realize that Spain has only ever lost two games out of the last fifty played and they even had a winning streak going of twelve straight wins in a row.

This major upset makes the FIFA 2010 World Cup all the more exciting and nerve racking for fans, both those who were there (there were 62,000 at the match) and those watching at home.

San Francisco residents watching noted that Spain dominated the offense with 25 shots on goal with the Swiss having had only 9. The Spaniards also controlled the ball almost 75 percent of the time.

The only cards to be issued during the game were against the Swiss (four yellow cards).

San Francisco resident and major FIFA 2010 World Cup fan, Francis Witham, watched the game on ESPN. “That was definitely a major upset. You were sitting on the edge of your seat from that moment on until the end of the game.

San Francisco residents can watch the FIFA World Cup matches on ESPN or via their computer by clicking the link shown.