Pass the Amazon and Facebook intends to compete for Premier League broadcast rights

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The current Premiership television contract will expire in 2019, and the contract will be negotiated in the coming months. Prior to a number of media reports, Amazon and Facebook are likely to compete for Premier League media streaming media rights, which the top teams in the UK will be a huge financial revenue. Now Manchester United CEO Woodward also confirmed the news.

According to the Daily Mail, Amazon intends to compete for the Premier League broadcast after the 2019/2020 season, and other prospective buyers include Facebook, Google, Twitter and Netflix. The current Premier League broadcast contract total of 8.6 billion pounds, of which overseas distributors to pay nearly 3.5 billion.

Amazon also has enough economic strength to realize their aspirations. Amazon last month to 10 million pounds per year to win the Sky Sports won the ATP Tennis Tour in the UK copyright. Now Amazon will broadcast an NFL game every Thursday night. MLS is also working with Facebook to play 22 games per season.
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Up to now, Facebook and Amazon have not made an evaluation, but Facebook confirmed that they are prepared to large-scale sports live to their Facebook Watch.
Remove football, Vallejo or a active college student:

“I remember the day when I attended the college entrance examination was just on behalf of Zaragoza and Girona in the league. I began to study the law, but I found that this is not suitable, so I chose the physical education, I do not know tomorrow But I can not play, but if I know that even if I do not play, I will not leave the sport.

In the year of Germany to help Vallejo return to Spain, Vallejo recalled:

“The opportunity to come, the club told me to go to the first team next season, and this opportunity must be grasped, because it is not every day. Debut when the details can not remember, but that day really nervous, This will stay in my memory for a lifetime. ”

“At that time Zizu told me that I need to come back, this is a great thing, especially with his teammates to participate in pre-season preparation. At first some tension, because the side are only seen on television before The player never thought he could and Ramos sit in a locker room.

And for the season they have not played in the official game, Vallejo said:

“I have been preparing, watching the game, I hope to participate in the game as soon as possible before the opportunity, but did not grasp, hope to come as soon as possible.I hope to control the ball at the foot, from the backcourt to help the team Advance the attack. ”
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Man late: Herrera and Manchester United signed a new covenant

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Manchester United midfielder Andre – Herrera is expected to sign a new contract with the team by December. Herrera’s contract with the team will expire next year, but according to “Manchester Evening News” reported that the player himself is very calm, and not urgent renewal, he is expected in the next two and a half months on the new contract And Manchester United agreed.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has said the club will be renewed with the year, but after a year of outstanding performance, the 28-year-old Spain midfielder hope to get better renewal conditions. The Basque player did not care about the possibility of moving to Barcelona this summer, although he played for the team only twice in the first seven games after the season, but he was still considered “very happy”.

It is understood that there is no problem between Herrera and coach Jose Mourinho. In May this year, the European Cup semi-final Celta off on Manchester Eve, Herrera had invited a close relationship with the visiting team to visit the Carrington training base was Mourinho rebuked.

In the Premier League and Everton on Sunday, Herrera played in the 77th minute off the bench,(Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
then participated in the creation of a goal to help the team won a 4-0 victory, Mourinho after the game To Herrera is also very enthusiastic performance, “I think Herrera is very important, in our scene there are some weakness in the case he brought stability to the team, then the game in my opinion is 1 -0 or 2-0 problem, I never thought the last 15-20 minutes score will become 1-1.

“In the 2-0 after the first three and four goals is only one side of the morale is low and the other side of the results caused by high morale, for me, the first three goals and the game may be some out of touch. ”

Herrera was named to the Spanish national team for the first time last season, and after that he also won the club’s Matt-Bassby Jazz Player of the Year, and he thanked Mourinho for his guidance.

In the team to 35 million pounds signed after the mary, Mourinho has been using the two midfield, which makes Herrera in the Premier League’s first four games have been sitting on the bench, but He will return to the starting lineup on Wednesday night and Burton’s Carling Cup.

In 2014, Herrera spent £ 29m from Bilbao Athletic Red Devils, then he played 125 times on behalf of the team and scored 15 goals, and the team won the FA Cup, the League Cup and the European Union cup.
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LEE RYDER looks back through his notebook to recall some of the most memorable moments from Newcastle United’s greatest modern

LEE RYDER looks back through his notebook to recall some of the most memorable moments from Newcastle United’s greatest modern

MLA style: “Mark was a class act the second time round at United; After watching the Premier League years on Tyneside from day one back in 1993, LEE RYDER looks back through his notebook to recall some of the most memorable moments from Newcastle United’s greatest modern day performers.” The Free Library. 2014 MGN Ltd. 03 Jul. (2014).

TAnd without doubt like going back to an old flame An Old Flame is the sixth episode of the fifth and final series of the period drama Upstairs, Downstairs. It first aired on 12 October 1975 on ITV. Background

An Old Flame was recorded in the studio on 20 and 21 March 1975. it’s

never the same the second time around.

Not in Mark McGhee’s case though.

The hard working Glaswegian striker arrived on Tyneside in 1977 as

a youngster, but the move didn’t work out the way he might haveAfter just 28 league appearances and five goals he returned to

Scotland and was part of an outstanding Aberdeen side, winning title

medals and European gongs under Alex Ferguson.

Stints at Hamburg and Celtic followed before a return to Newcastle

in 1989 after the club had been relegated back to Division Two followed.

Mick Quinn and McGhee instantly struck up a wonderful partnership

and the club came agonisingly close to promotion to the top flight,

losing narrowly against Sunderland with the Scot hitting the post in

the play offs . McGhee might not have achieved the dream for Jim

Smith’s United, but he was a hit on the terraces.

He dramatically weaved his way round the Bradford City defence in

the last minute of a game to score a goal that Lionel Messi Lionel Andrs Messi (born 24 June 1987 in Rosario) is an Argentine international football player who currently plays for FC Barcelona in the Primera Divisin, and appears on Argentina’s national team. or Diego

Maradona Diego Armando Maradona (born October 30, 1960) is an Argentine former footballer. He played in four World Cups and received the FIFA award of Player of the century (People’s choice) after being voted in 2000 in an international internet fan poll as the best football player of all would have been chuff1A rude, insensitive person; a boor.