Five reasons why Real Madrid are not the best football club in the world

Five reasons why Real Madrid are not the best football club in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo thinks Real Madrid are the best football club in the world. Real Madrid are one of the best. But here are five reasons why Real Madrid are not the best football club in the world.

They Are Not the Richest

Real Madrid is a rich football club, but they are not the richest. That honor goes to Manchester United. United were valued as the richest football club in the world according to a Forbes 2011 Soccer Valuation. United were valued at $1.86 billion dollars. They have topped the list of most valuable football teams for seven years in a row. Real Madrid were ranked second on the Forbes list.

They Have Not Won the UEFA Champions League Since 2002

Real Madrid have won a record nine UEFA Champions League titles. That is an impressive accomplishment. But Real Madrid have not won the title since 2002. The reigning UEFA Champions League winners are FC Barcelona. Barcelona have won the UEFA Champions League three times since Real Madrid last won the title.

They Do Not Have the Best Attendance Figures

Attendance figures for Real Madrid are very good. For the 2010/11 Spanish Primera Division season, Real Madrid had an average attendance of 70,736. Their total attendance for the year was 1,344,000. But they were second to Barcelona who averaged 80,153 and had a total attendance of 1,522,913. United also topped their attendance numbers, with an average attendance of 75,109 and total attendance of 1,427,077.

They Are Not the Oldest

The oldest football clubs have the richest history. Real Madrid was founded in 1902, 109 years ago. They have been around for a long time. But rival football club Barcelona was founded in 1899, 111 years ago.

They Do Not Have the Best Player in the World

This one is debatable. Real Madrid striker Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in the world. But Barcelona have Lionel Messi. In January 2011, Messi won the FIFA Ballon d’Or trophy, crowning him the best player in the world. On Thursday August 25, 2011, Messi won the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award. Messi is widely regarded as the best, but some think Ronaldo is better. [Article: Fan perspective: Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo who is better?]

Ronaldo claims that his club Real Madrid is the best in the world. He may be a little biased. There are a few reasons why Real Madrid may not be the best.

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How To Get To Division 1 In Fifa 12

How To Get To Division 1 In Fifa 12

Pick A TeamThe number 1 thing to do is to pick a team and stick with it. You can test a few teams but in the end choose one, learn how they play and how to do well with them, and it will help you a lot. Some ideas for teams can be found here.

It doesn’t have to be a 5 star team, remember in Fifa 12 you will only play teams of your star rating so pick a team from whatever league you want, just make sure you have a good knowledge of their players so you know their strengths and weaknesses, which will affect how you play.

Choose A Formation And StyleFor example Bayern Munich have two fast wingers and a tall striker, so you will want to do a lot of crossing, whereas Barcelona’s team is very small but with good passing so you will want to rarely cross and instead work your way forward with passing.

Bayern Munich’s default formation is 4 3 3 which is ideal for what you want, but a team like Manchester United’s default formation is 4 4 1 1 which is not very good, so you might want to edit it to include more than one striker (4 4 2, 3 5 2) or 3 centre midfielders (4 3 3, 4 3 1 2), which are all probably better formations, although it depends on your style.

Use The In Game Tactic SlidersA lot of people neglect using the in game tactics as they think that they’re not useful, but they are crucial, whether you’re going for an equalizer in the last 5 minutes (ultra attacking, high pressure) or desperately defending a 1 goal lead (ultra defensive, possession).

You can create your own custom tactics if you want but I find the ready made ones such as possession, high pressure, counter attack and long ball are good enough to use for most teams.

You need to adjust them to your style of play: Barcelona would probably use balanced and possession, but Real Madrid would use attacking and high pressure.

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Online FIFA 11 Tips

Online FIFA 11 Tips

Playing FIFA 11 online (Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3) can be a very frustrating experience for players who are constantly getting beaten by the top teams (such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan).

Yet the Counter Attacking tactic, when created and used correctly, can be a lethal weapon in your quest to utterly destroy such teams. Whether you want to use only lower rated teams or just beat the top side with one of your own, read these tips to learn how to master the counter attacking tactic.

Choosing Your TeamThere are a wide variety of teams that make use of the counter attacking tactic. If you want to really master the tactic, look for teams with a strong Centre Mid (Positioning and Vision should be pretty high) who can offload with speed and accuracy onto a wide player.

If you are playing with a lower ” team who are don’t really have such a skilled creative unit, just make sure you have a player of some kind of quality up front or attacking mid (preferably with high Sprint Speed and Dribbling).

Note: Teams I like to play with when using this tactic are usually Everton (4), New York Red Bulls (3.5) and Sunderland (4).

Team FormationFormation is absolutely crucial to the deployment of the Counter Attack tactic. If you already have your tactics sorted, or are already using a 5 team then feel free to skip this part of the guide. For lower teams in particular, one of the best formations to use for this tactic is the 4 5 1 defensive tactic.

This formation is essential to an inferior side because it packs out the midfield and makes it hard to break through. Although there is only 1 directly attacking option (striker), the two attacking midfielders, when using the tactic, act essentially as 3 strikers, especially on the counter.

Team TacticFor using this effectively online, a Custom Tactic must really be created. Here is a good rule of thumb Custom Set up which you can use to tweak as you like:

Note: Please judge according to the qualities of the particular team (the better the team, the more flexible you can be).

Build Up Play:

Speed = 90+ (for immediate response to the opposite side)Passing = 40 (make sure you don’t over pass)Positioning = Free FormChance Creation:

Passing = 60+ (for better success at scoring)Crossing = 30Shooting = 70+ (a higher rate of shooting means a better chance of scoring because you won’t be as significantly pressured by the other team members)Positioning = Free FormDefence

Pressure = 0 (keeps your defenders from losing position and joining in the attack)Aggression = 50Team Width = 70+ (depending on the quality/speed of your wide players)Defender Line = Offside TrapFinal ConsiderationsFor best results obviously practise and give yourself a 10 game block to fully test out the tactic before making changes or tweaks. Also make sure that as soon as you start the match online, put your team mentality onto ‘Defensive’ and also stick on your Counter Attacking Tactic.

Make sure, also, to spread your play and LB or L1 Pass (one two pass) in order to fully open out your options and hit the other side when they are vulnerable.