Arsenio: how much is my penalty, what is worth? _FIFA 18 international football news

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FIFA 18 Sept. 12 Real Madrid midfielder Arsenio has accepted an interview with Kobe Radio this morning, although it is already the hottest star in Europe today, but Arsenio says he is still very introverted. Personal life: Actually, I am a more introverted and shy person, I do not like to do interviews, compared to more willing to speak on the pitch with the performance. I also like myself and the people at home to eat, rather than to that kind of people’s restaurants. I am a houseman, every day I like to sleep at home for 2 hours, girlfriend? I do not have a girlfriend now. Football career: I started playing from the age of 3, 15,16 years old, I still have the shortest inside the team that, then I suddenly began to grow up. At first I played the mediapunta (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
(equivalent to the 10th), then kicked the way, but I do not like to kick the road, but now look at, I played here but very good. Knee injury: should be 13 years old when the first knee injury, and then there have been lumps, was pain, or even can not walk, let alone play kicks. But I do not want to give up playing, I find a lot of doctors, their final conclusion is that this problem will be slow. When the age of 9, the Spaniards had wanted to buy me, they even the host family and school to help me find a good, then I decided to stay in Mallorca. My first salary Probably when the age of 16, 1000 Europe a month and it did not go to Barcelona? & Mdash; My first time on behalf of Mallorca first team home, and then Barcelona came, but the final outcome is different, did not go into Barcelona, ??but I think Real Madrid is very happy, hoping to continue to defend this body jersey. Decided that a few days is very difficult, when the other side called to say that Real Madrid was very interested in me, I finally said, I want to go to Real Madrid. Signed that day was incredible, the private plane took me directly to Madrid, and then went to Valdebebas base, signed the contract. I remember last year’s Super Bowl and Sevilla before the game, when I was the first show, but the middle of the night or sleep, I always think; if the coach will not let me play how to do. Ramos knew after that: I can really trouble you, the coach will defini (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)