Four seasons jewelry

Jewelry with a very important, spring and summer autumn and winter to wear different jewelry, show women not the same style. So, the woman should

How to choose jewelry according to the season? Old silver shop to teach you all spring and summer autumn and winter jewelry need to pay attention to matters.

Winter, summer, the best people to avoid wearing gold, because the golden gray to make your color becomes more yellow and dark; spring,

Autumn property is not very suitable for wearing Cartier love bracelet replica platinum, especially in autumn women, if wearing a platinum jewelry, not only can not bring out your

Charming, but also make these jewelry looks like white iron, the sense of loss.



Spring property of the woman is suitable for highlighting the delicate color of the jewelry, to ‘spring’ season properties of the people, the skin tone

More close to ivory white, apricot pink, apricot, light brown or molasses, and fresh and fresh spring, bright and happy feeling very

Similar, suitable for wearing a clear, fresh and bright color of all kinds of precious stones. And warm color of the emerald, crystal can highlight the ‘

Spring property ‘woman’s charming.

If you want to use gold jewelry, the best choice K gold (non-pure gold), in order to perfect with a soft complexion and temperament,

But not by the eye-catching light of the gold cover. In addition, the color of the warm yellow pearl jewelry is also an excellent partner, and precious

Of the ‘yellow diamond’ than the general silver-white diamond is more suitable for spring women, suggest that you may wish to choose to yellow K gold inlaid

Jewelry, they will emit unexpected bright shiny, so that among you become the focus of attention.



Summer property for women with a transparent white feeling of jewelry ‘summer’ season of the skin showing a pink, gray brown,

Green brown or dark red hue, such a character, only jewelry ‘transparent’ and ‘pink’ can be described. Cat’s Eye,

Opal, white ivory, white coral, crystal with these natural white or rose tones of jewelry, can let ‘summer woman’

The face is better and moving.

In addition to the symbol of pure white Cartier love ring replica tones, cool colors of the jewelry can also play and color contrast each other silver or pan white,

Pink pearl is a good choice. In addition, the summer properties of people wearing diamonds, naturally will let the diamond flash

Yao out of the moving light, that do not need extra words to describe the quiet temperament, like the summer afternoon, like a ripple, slowly

Buddha every pair of praise eyes.



Warm color jewelry perfect interpretation of the fall of the property of a woman’s charming poems fall to the earth, the mountains and plains of the yellow leaves and maple

Red, rustic golden rice fields, hazy and sunny afternoon sunshine people have a very beautiful feeling. Yes,

‘Autumn property’ in addition to the woman has a deeper than the spring moist ivory ivory, apricot red, apricot or honey skin color,

Close to the brown and golden skin color and nature perfect match, which is the day of the rich gift.

‘Autumn woman’ gestures are thick feminine, mature charming, deep and contains the intimate charm, to finish

The United States to interpret such temperament, non-warm and rich warm color must be, golden pearls, amber, tortoiseshell, coral or bronze, etc.

With golden hue jewelry is a very good choice; in the diamond ornaments, then the ‘yellow diamond’ or K gold inlaid diamonds are more

ideal. As for the gold jewelry, wearing a ‘fall woman’ body, the most cheeks show the warmth of the rich and beautiful,

Cheng Hui reflects the beauty of Cartier nail bracelet replica the ‘natural beauty’ and jewelry of the noble sense of value.



Winter property woman for deep and full of cold color jewelry if the skin tone is close to the green, white powder, gray brown,

Green or gray olives, is the ‘winter attribute’ of the people. To ruby, sapphire, emerald and other color deep full, thick

Yan brilliant jewelry to decorate, the most able to show the ‘winter woman’ is so pure and strong temperament.

The following are the same as the ”

The ice and snow is the best of silver and white, and it is a very beautiful scenery. In fact, the cold (white)

The goods are indeed able to wear diamonds, strong temperament through the characteristics of the ancient interchangeable diamonds can be highlighted, beauty and diamonds are

The most perfect destination. In addition, the white pearl and black pearls of pure color, moist in the reflection of the bright light, at any time

Anywhere to make the winter attribute woman become a ‘beautiful focus’.