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Under the framework of the summit to build a strong foundation for leaders of fifa 18 coins cheap countries and Chinese enterprise CEO round table dialogue since 2009 has been successfully held fifa 18 coins cheap times, and the ASEAN countries to promote China investment cooperation and an important platform for trade exchanges and friendly exchanges, promote fifa 18 coins cheap cooperation as example, warmly welcome China and ASEAN political and business and actively participate in the madden 18 coins. Brunei national leaders and Chinese well-known fifa 18 coins cheap will be invited to focus on promoting the Chinese economic and trade cooperation to achieve common development “is the theme of dialogue and exchanges, fifa 18 coins cheap Brunei – Guangxi economic corridor and port construction, finance, petroleum chemical industry, communication, planning and development of the field of fifa 18 coins cheap technology, focusing on the communication between nhl coins and enterprises, and strive to create a good investment environment Chinese enterprises to carry fifa 18 coins cheap economic and trade activities in Brunei.

Oldschool Runescape: Wilderness update is ready

The free playable online role-playing Cheap rs gold game ended with the Battle of Lumbridge in the next round (Website) . ” The dynamic , influenced by the players events change not only the Rs gold content but also the story ,” explains Publisher Jagex .

“The global launch of RuneScape 3 was through the hard work and dedication that has put our team over the past year to the day , enables ,” said Executive Producer of RuneScape 3, Phil Mansell . ” RuneScape 3 is in terms of players influenced content , story , gameplay and technology will usher in a new era and we can not wait to write with them the next chapter in the epic saga RuneScape . ”
” The development team of RuneScape 3 has constantly worked to create for the players of this significant upgrade ,” said Mark Gerhard , CEO of Jagex . ” The Jagex team and I feel really honored to be a part of it and to present our valued existing community and all new players , this update of the decade. ‘s Concept that our players shaping the future of RuneScape , stands for us in the first place . We are convinced that RuneScape 3 the most ambitious project that has ever been developed for this cutting-edge technology and lays the foundation for our future expansion on tablets . Since the launch of RuneScape over 220 million accounts have been created, and we have developed over 12 years of new content . the game is still growing and we expect to welcome RuneScape 3 old and new players in the magical world of Gielinor , it hardly . ”

The “wilderness update” the old-school version of Runescape made ??by Jagex launches six new bosses, new weapons and a new location. “Oldschool Runescape” started a year ago and includes graphics and game content on the version of 2007. topical Last Video: Oldschool Runescape The Wilderness