The victory of the end of nba2kmt balance has been tilted to the rocket

The turning point of the game appears at 2 minutes and 21 seconds before the end of the third quarter, after the Thunder paused for Westbrook, defending the Hindler against Harden. Thunder field lineup does not have a pass the score points. At nba2kmt time Harden 10 vote 2, free throw 16 of 16, get 20 points, there have been 7 times the audience missed 5 times, the Rockets 74-86 behind 12 points. Donovan’s faint strokes gave the Rockets a chance.

Harden first hit in front of Singler three points, 77-86; Gordon Luther continuous fast break succeeded, the Rockets only 5 points behind; Deng brother off defensive rebounds, such as into the no one into the basket nba2kmt, 83-86; 3 seconds before the end of the third quarter, Harden in the third hit, 86-89. Harden led the rocket in the third quarter at the end of the play 12-3 attack wave, not only catch the score, and increased the morale, Deng brother in this wave of attack alone scored 8 points.
The victory of the end of the balance has been tilted to buy 2k vc nba2kmt. Harden back to the field when the Rockets have the score go-ahead. Thunder and then want to use the previous defensive strategy has been very difficult to nba2kmt. Deng brother sharp breakthrough piercing the Thunder’s shield, facing nba2kmt Robertson’s dry pull three points is to kill the heart, hit the state of Harden has been vc 2k to stop. Although Wei also want to use their own power to save, but it is too late.