Prepare FFXIV gil to begin FFXIV Heavensward on June

According to the weekend’s PAX East 2015 convention, there are some new information about the Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, which is announced by Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team. The new information is that Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is going to be launced on June 23, 2015 and the pre-order date to enter the Heavensward early in Final Fantasy XIV is going to begin on March 16, 2015. If you want to enter into the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, you should pre-order Heavensward first. Moreover, the early access for Heavensward begins on June 19, 2015. With the coming of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, the Mac version is going to be launched too. Meanwhile, there is all-in-one edition, which includes the full game and Heavensward (all platforms). In Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, you could explore Ishgard. What is more, the new race Au Ra and three new Jobs are introduced by Heavensward. The three new jobs include Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist.

After you have learned Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward above, you must be attracted by this expansion. If you want to enter into the game early, you can pre-oder Heavensward. If you want to wait for Heavensward launched, you’d prepar FFXIV Gil to get ready for Heavensward. Thus, you can buy FFXIV gil online from a reliable and safe FFXIV gil seller online like