Man late: Herrera and Manchester United signed a new covenant

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Manchester United midfielder Andre – Herrera is expected to sign a new contract with the team by December. Herrera’s contract with the team will expire next year, but according to “Manchester Evening News” reported that the player himself is very calm, and not urgent renewal, he is expected in the next two and a half months on the new contract And Manchester United agreed.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has said the club will be renewed with the year, but after a year of outstanding performance, the 28-year-old Spain midfielder hope to get better renewal conditions. The Basque player did not care about the possibility of moving to Barcelona this summer, although he played for the team only twice in the first seven games after the season, but he was still considered “very happy”.

It is understood that there is no problem between Herrera and coach Jose Mourinho. In May this year, the European Cup semi-final Celta off on Manchester Eve, Herrera had invited a close relationship with the visiting team to visit the Carrington training base was Mourinho rebuked.

In the Premier League and Everton on Sunday, Herrera played in the 77th minute off the bench,(Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
then participated in the creation of a goal to help the team won a 4-0 victory, Mourinho after the game To Herrera is also very enthusiastic performance, “I think Herrera is very important, in our scene there are some weakness in the case he brought stability to the team, then the game in my opinion is 1 -0 or 2-0 problem, I never thought the last 15-20 minutes score will become 1-1.

“In the 2-0 after the first three and four goals is only one side of the morale is low and the other side of the results caused by high morale, for me, the first three goals and the game may be some out of touch. ”

Herrera was named to the Spanish national team for the first time last season, and after that he also won the club’s Matt-Bassby Jazz Player of the Year, and he thanked Mourinho for his guidance.

In the team to 35 million pounds signed after the mary, Mourinho has been using the two midfield, which makes Herrera in the Premier League’s first four games have been sitting on the bench, but He will return to the starting lineup on Wednesday night and Burton’s Carling Cup.

In 2014, Herrera spent £ 29m from Bilbao Athletic Red Devils, then he played 125 times on behalf of the team and scored 15 goals, and the team won the FA Cup, the League Cup and the European Union cup.
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Leisure time, Messi Suarez with family to see Maluma concert

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in Sunday, the famous Colombian singer Maluma held a concert in Barcelona, ??while Messi and his wife Antonella, Suarez and his wife, Sofia, went to the concert.
Messi uploaded a photo with him in Instagram and wrote, “Thank you for your friend! A wonderful concert!”

Suarez also sunshine out on the social networking site, thanks to the invitation of Maluma.
Maluma is a famous songwriter in Colombia, born in Columbia in 1994, (Click cheapest fifa 18 coinsto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
and FIFA 18 he was very popular in Latin America and Europe. He was awarded the Latin American Best Singer Award for the MTV European Song Award in 2013 Then the Latin American Grammy best new singers award. Prior to his cooperation with the famous singer Shakira in Colombia, “chantaje” is also quite popular. And Maluma in addition to music, but also football lovers, a child had practiced for eight years of football. His European tour of Barcelona is also wearing a Barcelona jersey, and said: “a let me feel proud of the dream!
Melon handsome: Bayern had wanted to buy de Boulogne and Sane, but did not succeed
September 13, Manchester City coach Guardiola said that as early as during the Bayern coaching, he had wanted to sign De Boulogne and Sane.

In an interview, Guardiola said: “During my coaching Bayern, we are very interested in Saina and De Boulogne, but Sane was not ready to move, and Bayern do not want to de Brewer “Bayern deal with the transfer is very special, they will always open a meeting, and then make a decision.”

Although not all willingness to move is met, when the melon handsome stressed: “There is no contradiction, I leave just because of the yearning for England.
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