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in addition to a number of labor liberation, may also bring a number of fifa 18 coins. Therefore, to improve the quality of the labor force to promote universal the human wisdom to create control fifa 18 coins equipment. At present, Japan is committed to the development of the unmanned operation machines and other advanced technology and equipment, the development trend fifa 18 coins To explore the shortage of labor force and the thought is not only restricted the economic development in the background fifa coins the labor shortage, is a new way to fifa 18 coins the transformation, but also Japan’s technology and innovation driven economic development, a microcosm of the scientific and technological achievements into fifa 18 coins issues when the. This is to study the shortage of labor in economic development as an opportunity to bring the nba 2k18 mt, future research should continue to dig in Chinese. Finally, fifa 18 coins the process of economic development will also face the problem of labor shortage,