FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

The Beautiful GameFrom Thursday, 12 June to Sunday 13 July, 2014, will be hosting the 20th Edition of the FIFA World, it will be second time that the country will play host to the tournament. The above statement is loaded with history and trivia, and this is part of what makes the Soccer World Cup such an interesting thing to all and sundry. Everyone has something it it. Especially trivia.

In the year of the World Cup, I advise you to update yourself with facts, figures, opinions, urban legends, tactics and strategies so that you appear mature, engaged , educated or simply a worldly person. Even as you may not like soccer, surprise everyone with rare facts about the game. At worst do not appear lost.

When you enter discussions, do so late and as if an after thought, but look every part intelligent and informed whatever your gender, age or any demographic strata, do not be taken for granted.

When the tournament starts, take time to watch a few matches, follow trends, critize tactics and strategies and most importantly have your own opinion.

You may need to start to watch national leagues now and be familiar with names of players and country teams’ progress.

Host Nations The previous tournament was played in South Africa, that was the first the African continent played host to the game. Europe and South America are the major tradioanl hosts, the first game was played in Uruguay in 1930, the second in 1934. In 1938, Europe, played host again with the tournament interrupted by the WWII, the next match was in in 1950.

Africa succesfully hosted the tournament in 2010 and Asia in 2002.

One important historic fact is that hosting countries and continents enjoy home ground advantage. England and won once each and in both cases they were hosts, although had hosted before. Except when won in Sweden, the trophy always went to the host continent with the exception of 2002 and 2010 when Asia and Frica were hosts. In this respect we also have to consider as in the same continent as US.

The World Cup TrophyTwo trophies (plus two replicas) had been produced for this tournament since its inception in 1930.

The first trophies has a storied history was officially called the Jules Rimet Cup. The Jules Rimet was permanently given to in 1970 after they had won the tournament for a third time. This was as per stipulation of Jules Rimet.

The current trophy is called the FIFA World Cup. According to FIFA website, the trophy has a mass of 6,175g, of which 4,927g is pure gold. The trophy was designed in by Italian Silvio Gazzaniga and manufactured in 1973.

Current rules of the trophy will not allow the giving away the cup as it is now a permamanent asset of FIFA. Winners are given gold plated replicas to keep.