Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Good But Cheap Players Part 1

Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Good But Cheap Players Part 1

IntroductionThis is a Hub about players in different leagues who are very good, but cost a fractions of a prices compared to those like: Messi, Drogba, Puyol, Casilias. In this Hub I will look at goalkeepers and defended who can be purchased for low prices, but, who perform at a very high level.

Goalkeepers1. Tim Howard is a very good all round keeper who is rated 82 and is good in all areas but excels in reflexes with a score of 86. Howard plays for Everton in the BPL and can usually be bought for a BIN of 500 coins, which is a good price for such a talented keeper.

2. Lloris is a very high stated keeper in the French Ligue with an overall rating of 84 (which is equal to Cech) yet he can be purchased for only 1000 coins BIN. This for a keeper who has fours stats which are 85+ is very good.

3. Neuer is a keeper from the German league and plays for FC Shalke 04 and an usually be bought for around 1600 BIN. Which in my opinion is a steal as Neuer is a brilliant all round keeper who has 89 diving, 89 kicking and 88 reflexes and is great asset to any German Ultimate Team.

4. Akinfeev is the best keeper in my opinion as he has 84 overall and high 80 stats in reflexes and diving. But the best part about him is that he can be bought for only 800 coins BIN, he plays for CSKA Moskva. He is key to a good all round Russian squad.

5. Diego Lopez is a very underrated keeper who plays for Villareal in the Liga BBVA. The reason I believe he is underrated is because he is an 83 GK with: 86 handling, 85 positioning, 84 reflexes and 83 diving. These stats are very high for a GK who cost a mere 600 coins BIN. So if you are looking for a cheap Liga BBVA GK then Lopez is the man.

Who is your favorite cheap goalkeeper? Howard Lloris Neuer Akinfeev Lopez OtherSee results without voting

Best Cheap Defenders1. Kompany is a CB for Man City in the BPL and is a great addition to any BPL squad. His stats are only 80 overall but he plays just as good as my other defenders who are 85, so in my opinion he is a great buy. He can usually be picked up for 1500 coins BIN and is equal to most of those BPL’s who cost 10,000+ coins.

2. Lusiao is a very tall CB for SL Benfica, he excels in the air and is very strong to cope with those strong attackers. Normally Luisao can be bought for around 800 coins BIN and for this price he is a brilliant all round CB who is very good and scoring headers.

3. Raul Albiol is another amazing CB who plays for Real Madrid. Like the other two he is very strong at the back and is capable of holding off strong opponents and winning headers. He can usually be picked up for about coins and is a good player for any Spanish squad.

4. Zanetti is a RB who plays for Inter Milan. He cost 4000 coins roughly but this is still cheap compared with players like Maicon. He is a good all round RB as he is an 82 overall with good dribbling and passing plus good defence of 80.

5. Cissokho is a LB for OL in Ligue 1. For me he is brilliant LB because of his amazing 88 pace, which means he can keep up with speedy players and he can get down the wing to cross brilliant balls into the box. Cissokho can be bought for approximately 1000 coins whic is cheap for a player with such good pace.

6. The final player I am going to recommend is Juan from AS Roma. He also is a CB with an overall rating of 84, in my experience of playing with Juan he excels at strength and is very good in the air to defend and score. Juan like all these players do not cost much but performs very well, h can usually be bought for around 1000 coins BIN.

Who is your favorite cheap defender? Kompany Luisao Albiol Zanetti Cissokho Juan OtherSee results without voting

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