False news can manufacture mut 18 coins

False news can manufacture the topic in the Internet spread unease, mut coin of public opinion, influence the country’s political environment, can even control the election, open to the society, freedom, democracy mut coin peace pose a serious threat. Results the false information investigation group of the European Commission showed that only the past two years in the investigation mut coin found 3200 false news. False news and supporting services has become a tradable commodity, has a complete industrial chain. The supplier open outcry, the mut coinprice tag, the business model is clearly visible. The European network security company TrendMicro data show, can affect the election results false news service mut coin about $400 thousand, to incite the people took to the streets to the false news service costs about $200 thousand. Therefore, with the madden mobile coins network platform, false mut coin Not only but the rapid spread of the same collapse of itself, like the madden mobile coins for sale, challenged the credibility of the government, and even a threat to the mut coin of the state.