Due to tunnel through fifa 18 coins

Due to tunnel through the military are mountains, on both sides of the middle low, fifa 18 coins terrain. This leads to inclined tunnel construction into the main battlefield of the cross section is too small, fifa 18 coins width of 7.5 meters and a height of 6.5 meters, to accommodate the large diameter shield machine; on the other hand, must comply with the slope of the mountain fifa 18 coins trend, after turn, can enter the tunnel. “A slope more than 80 degree turn, No. two inclined shaft of more than 135 degree turn, shield machine this hundreds of meters or even fifa 18 coins, unable to complete such a large huge monster, and in such a small angle area. So, the only tunnel by blasting method.” Long Zhen said. Underground water gushing frequently. fifa 18 coins of underground river or groundwater. Most afraid encounter air gun drilling in sudden gushing water, not only will cheap fifa coins the machine Effect of equipment, personal safety, fifa 18 coins water pressure may also lead to landslides. Badaling tunnel construction area of underground water depth precisely according to the topography and the seasonal fifa 18 coins greatly, I do not know where to run a “Fountain”, every normal inflow of nearly 19 thousand cubic meters, equivalent to a day to dry storage capacity of 10 a 8 standard fifa 18 coins pool, not to mention the largest inflow of water up to 56 thousand cubic meters. “It is because of the construction environment is very complex, a tunnel here, not only to the fifa 18 coins of technological innovation more bold but cautious,” according to the generation of dragon shock introduced project design adopted to enhance the initial support fifa 18 coins of nano shotcrete. Especially in the large span transition section, creating a top hole in advance, madden 18 coins digging, reservation core, key lock, high performance concrete one-time-concreting fifa 18 coins the product type of division of mining method for future large span Tunnel by blasting construction method provides a new wisdom. “At the foot of the fifa 18 coins Wall have been blasting 4500 times blasting, using new technology of precision micro blasting, blasting every one is only equivalent to the Great Wall stamp feet while a” small fifa 18 coins “, you pay attention to obey the command, to the tunnel corner bunker waiting.”