capacity of state-owned buymobiles promo code assets

capacity of state-owned assets disposal related financial buymobiles promo code notice.” Notification requirements, to the production capacity of buymobiles promo code should promptly identify and deal with capacity In the notification, according to the Guo Fa [2016] No. 6 and Guo Fa [2016] No. 7 documents, the state-owned and state-buymobiles promo code enterprises that make up for the excess capacity of steel and coal (the following Referred to as capacity-producing enterprises), the implementation buymobiles promo code the provincial people’s government and the SASAC to bondara voucher code and accept the qualified capacity-going projects in the process of dismantling, paid transfer of buymobiles promo code, plants, land use rights, raw materials and other assets formed Loss of financial transactions, the application of this notice .Exploration of other buymobiles promo code to carry out steel, coal to capacity work .Inform the so-called loss of assets, refers to misspap discount code book value of the assets plus disposal costs less the amount of disposal income .