Bosco: I Hope Costa Can As Well As In Chelsea


The Spanish national team coach Bosco in an interview talking about forward Diego.Do you wish to know something new regarding the fifa 15 coins ? Subsequently come to our website to get the lattest innformation with regards to the cheap fifa 15 ultimate team coins .Have fun !Costa, he hopes that Costa will like in Chelsea did well in the performance of the national team Bosco said: “we hope that Diego – Costa in the national team’s performance as Chelsea as well as in. We are not worried about him, because he is a normal play striker in his team and the league, but we hope that he can score in spain. In Macedonia he can not play, but we found a new system, now we want to play more aggressive.”

Talked about the team changes, Bosco commented: “the national team is changing. Should forget the Brazil World Cup experience, because in the world of football will never halt, I feel a new addition, we entered a new stage, because we can not live in the memory, should continue to refresh the dream in the world of football.” In addition, Bosco talked about the match against Slovakia, he said: “I have decided to first person, but I am not going to say. But I will try to let you play the best level.

The match against Slovakia must be very careful, buy fifa 15 coins they are a well organised, and speed in the defensive counter attack in quick, strong ability of team. They have important players, such as Hamm Sieck, his speed is very fast, there are two winger. We must be very careful in their defensive tactics.”Bosco: Cassie not with others against players, is an example of it.Recently, in an interview with Cadena Ser, the Spanish coach Bosco once again give support for Casillas. He thinks, Cathy is a not with others against the people, and always maintain respect for others.

Talking about love Cassie, Bosco said: “these days, Kathy’s performance are good, have them against anyone, for others also maintained a consistent respect, I think as a player, he is a good example.” In addition, the coaches should have talked about attitude and performance, Bosco admitted to the buy fifa 15 coins presence of very pay attention to verbal caution: “I love the passion in the dugout, mood. But as a coach, you need to be over in one’s mind, and pay attention to words and deeds on the sidelines of the cautious.”

Mourinho Cheap Fifa 15 Coins Costa’s hamstring


Jose Mourinho Cheap Fifa 15 Coins was unable to call upon Diego Costa for the UEFA Champions League Group G opener with Schalke as the Spain striker’s hamstring problem means a second game in a week would rule him out of Sunday’s English Premier League showdown at Manchester City.

Chelsea were held to a 1-1 draw by Schalke, who they twice beat 3-0 last term, after Cesc Fabregas’ 11th-minute strike was cancelled out by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Costa, who has scored seven goals in his first four Premier League games following his £32m summer move from Atletico Madrid, came off the bench but was unable to find a winner.

“Costa has a problem,” said Mourinho of the striker, who scored a hat-trick in Saturday’s defeat of Swansea. “If he has one week to let the muscle recover he can start a game. Playing on Saturday, three days is not enough for him to recover. It was not to protect for the game Sunday (at Manchester City) it was because today he was not in condition to start the game.”

FIFA 15: Working on the successors are already


Work on FIFA 15 approaching slowly but fifa 15 coins surely their end. Who now believes however that the development team after finishing the game first must take a break, which is wrong.

because as Peter Moore , COO of Electronic Arts, revealed in an interview with the Britannic colleagues of computer and video games, are the work for FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 already underway.

While several hundred people at the core game, in this case, FIFA 15, potter, there is yet another team that already takes decisions on technology, engineering and development of FIFA 16, which partially also influence FIFA 17, so Moore .
against the general ideas, the fut 15 coins development processes of two FIFA games run from therefore always parallel and go without two week holiday operational seamlessly into one another.

The team off the pitch

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You do not want more in Grandma’s garden, with the rags of your grandpa’s and a plastic ball deny your important matches? Then you have to hope a better stadium, better jerseys or a better ball to be drawn from a pack or to find on the transfer market. These can then be set as the default for your team.

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In the games industry, this is a common practice since the actual course development must be based on the pre-conceived concepts and ideas. During the core development of the main game, the concept team can use the time in advance to think about sequels or other future projects.

Until we get 16 at all mortals by FIFA to face something, it will still take up to E3 2015 but this does not bother us, because FIFA 15 appears already for September 25, 2014 in Europe for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.
Anyone who themselves can not wait until the end of September, which may already chasing his favorite team this week at Gamescom 2014 on the virtual pitch.

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All Fifa 15 The best League stadiums to function

Gamer faces wanting frighteningly true, all fifteen The best League stadiums to function.

The Manchester United participant is rated forty first, while the summer arrival at Chelsea is lower in 46.

Some can be shocked from the ordering thinking of Mata was allowed to leave Chelsea, although Fabregas was brought in at Stamford Link and through his brief spell again inside the The best fifa 15 coins League has become arguably the stay-out participant.

Behind Tottenham goalkeeper poet Lloris United Nations agency is at range 45, iker Casillas’ fall from grace continues once his surprising tournament performances. the 64000 Madrid stopper is graded because the 47th best player.

To coincide using fifa 15 coins vip the release in the gamer search positions, Fifa companies Semitic deity Sports have additionally position out a relevant video containing a couple of participants going over nevertheless they’re scored and yes it presents itself they accept it rather significantly.