Discover Planet Nexus and Be a Part of an Epic Adventure with Wildstar Gold


3rd June 2014 – Wildstar is an MMORPG which is yet to be released the coming week. The game is to be played on Planet Nexus and its fictional universe. Nexus was once inhabited by The Eldans, a group of aliens who are hyper advanced in technology. The technology has now disappeared along with the aliens. In a quest to discover lost technology and to win the planet, two more empires collide with each other. The Dominions are an intergalactic empire themselves and decide to own Nexus and wish to explore the planet for lost technology. The Exiles on the other hand belong to the refugee group whose members have been driven away from their homelands by none other than The Dominions. These two groups now collide with each other for the planet and its lost secret technology.
A lot of quests have to be completed and battles have to be won between the opposing factions. The players might need Wildstar Gold in order to complete quests, win battles and restore the lost technology. At players can find cheap wildstar gold. They can now buy wildstar gold and sell wildstar plat on this platform. Players would need wildstar platinum for conquering the arenas and battlegrounds of the opposite faction group. It is quite a time taking task to involve in farming and sometimes boring too.
At players can buy Wildstar Gold at the cheapest prices ever. All the payments would go through a secured payment gateway such as PayPal. For those who are making international purchases, the payments would be directed to international secured payment modes such as Google Wallet and Wire Transfer. Customers do not have to worry about the security at all. They can buy safest Wildstar Gold on the internet right here. Players just have to select the server and the quantity of gold or wildstar platinum that they wish to buy. The site is available 24/7 for buying, selling and customer service.
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What is Your Faith? Share Different Job Beliefs by WOW Players (5)


Summary of world of warcraft game characters of job faith is drawing to a close, what other career has not been mentioned? Yes, the death knight, the priest, and the knight. This blog will be listed the entire game role in the three, whether are they one of your faith? After busy earning much wow gold, you may need something to refresh.

We oppress beings-death knight: go through the darkness of death, into the fields of crusade, ghouls screamed, gargoyles scream, cold evil blood wonderful gathers on the blade, horn sounded the charge, let the same death, black front nu, lich, look up near darkness, death has quietly hold your heart, the fort coward! The blue eyes can be owned only to move forward! Dust to dusts, dirt to dirt.

Blood DK: I’m climb out from the grave just in order to make once teammates know that I’m still with you. Ice DK: you are going to face the end of the ice pioneer, trembling, screaming! Evil DK: I was self-abandonment because I adhere to the road, to put an end to the evil by evil. Whether which DK you choose, you may be much cool with such a game role without buy wow items.

Left hand with light, right of shadow- willing to pastor, throughout the life – priest: follow the light’s guidelines, I post throughout the life of the minister will be I sing every word when given the power of rebirth in arms, I will say them each section of the code required to destroy the enemy’s spirit and mind, I would like to sacrifice their own life and soul to protect my home. Maybe I will hand in shadow, but the heart still holy light.

Holy priest: holy light gives us the great mission of the atonement that is why we will be here; Discipline priest: accept my best wishes! Your sword will into a magic soldier without buy gold for wow, your body will be into steel! Shadow priests: only people who know what the darkness is can truly know what light is.

In the name of the highest holy light, bless the devout, holy light be with me – knight: from today on, my heart, to the light with sword and shield to protect weak, using light to expel evil. Humility, honesty, compassion, brave, justices, sacrifice, honor, spirit, don’t forget the eight virtues. As long as people need to protect, we won’t fall down.

Holy light, a belief is not destroying! Ride: I swear with knights of the holy light of honor, you can break my shield but don’t break my faith! As the knight’s milk ride: from that day on, eight kinds of virtue is deeply engraved on my soul. Ret paladin: it is no use excuses! You real crime, is enough! Your destiny is to become rust on my sword!

FIFA 14 video game player claims to have created in-game Gary Busey


If you don’t already play the Fifa 14 Ultimate team Coins
2014 FIFA 14 video game, you might want to start. There’s a small chance you might run into a soccer-playing Gary Busey, who is equal parts spectacular Aion Gold and terrifying, thanks to one gamer who claims this is his latest customized avatar.

Unfortunately, the image is probably Photoshopped. If you look closely, you can see what looks to be the corners of another mouth. And judging from the hair, there’s no way this game’s technology would adapt Busey’s signature teeth so seamlessly.
But it’s still a fun idea. The image already attracted over 1 million views on the photo-sharing site since it was posted last night. HELLO, INTERNET!

FIFA 14 World Cup in Brazil: the demo to download on PS3 and Xbox 360 is available


On the occasion of the World Cup football will take place this summer in Brazil , EA Sports fifa 14 coins has decided to release a stand alone game dedicated to the event called World Cup FIFA Brazil 2014 and was released on 17/04 !

We remind you that for the sake of users too small park next generation from fifa coins EA , FIFA World Cup consoles : Brazil 2014 is available only on Xbox 360 and PS3 and at the price of 59 90 € in stock . We also remind you that for the occasion, a more important role was given to the entertainment stage and the public to better recreate the festive and colorful atmosphere which will take place around the event . In addition, the gameplay has been simplified and improved to keep the continuity of the work done on FIFA as well as to reach a wider audience. With FIFA Brazil 2014 you will be able to play through 11 different game modes and within the confines of the 21 stages unpublished 203 national teams affiliated to FIFA , which represents a total of nearly 7500 players. And if you ‘re new to the game of football but you still want you to try this specific title, Training mode will introduce you to special moves through 18 different exercises.

Oldschool Runescape: Wilderness update is ready


The free playable online role-playing Cheap rs gold game ended with the Battle of Lumbridge in the next round (Website) . ” The dynamic , influenced by the players events change not only the Rs gold content but also the story ,” explains Publisher Jagex .

“The global launch of RuneScape 3 was through the hard work and dedication that has put our team over the past year to the day , enables ,” said Executive Producer of RuneScape 3, Phil Mansell . ” RuneScape 3 is in terms of players influenced content , story , gameplay and technology will usher in a new era and we can not wait to write with them the next chapter in the epic saga RuneScape . ”
” The development team of RuneScape 3 has constantly worked to create for the players of this significant upgrade ,” said Mark Gerhard , CEO of Jagex . ” The Jagex team and I feel really honored to be a part of it and to present our valued existing community and all new players , this update of the decade. ‘s Concept that our players shaping the future of RuneScape , stands for us in the first place . We are convinced that RuneScape 3 the most ambitious project that has ever been developed for this cutting-edge technology and lays the foundation for our future expansion on tablets . Since the launch of RuneScape over 220 million accounts have been created, and we have developed over 12 years of new content . the game is still growing and we expect to welcome RuneScape 3 old and new players in the magical world of Gielinor , it hardly . ”

The “wilderness update” the old-school version of Runescape made ??by Jagex launches six new bosses, new weapons and a new location. “Oldschool Runescape” started a year ago and includes graphics and game content on the version of 2007. topical Last Video: Oldschool Runescape The Wilderness

The Top Five Best Selling Video Game Sports Franchises

The Top Five Best Selling Video Game Sports Franchises

Video games have evolved greatly since being played on the likes of the Apple II, Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64. They have become big business. Super Mario, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty are a few popular franchises that come to mind. However, many sports video games are household names too. Based on the number of units sold, here’s a list of the five top sports video game franchises of all time.

5.) Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Developed in 1998, Tiger Woods PGA Tour has produced 16 video games. The franchise features professional golfer Tiger Woods along with other pro golfers, men and women.

The recent game is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, featuring Woods and Arnold Palmer on the US packaging. The Huffington Post reported that the video game will not use Woods’ name in the future.

4.) NBA Live

The most popular of today’s NBA games, NBA Live has out sold NBA Jam and NBA 2K. Since it began in 1995, the games have had digital versions of ballers Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade to name a few.

With the most recent game, NBA Live 14, the franchise has sold over 35 million copies globally.

3.) WWE 2K

This pro wrestling video game includes both men and women of the WWE. It began in 2000 and has featured the digital versions of wrestlers Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Chyna and The Rock.

The latest release is WWE 2K14. Licensing information from the publisher reports the amount of copies sold at 60 million.

2.) Madden NFL

Madden is a name known throughout mainstream society but not necessarily because of John Madden’s 1976 Superbowl win. Madden NFL has been grabbing gamers’ attention since 1988.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, released in April 2014, is the current game. The series had its original release in 1993 and FIFA now enjoys its’ 22nd year of entertaining video games. As a hobby, she enjoys writing about topics that include gardening, baking, and DIY. Michelle lives both in Atlanta and in central Nort.

My new gameface in FIFA

My new gameface in FIFA

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Nokia signs up with Electronic Arts

Nokia signs up with Electronic Arts

Big games on small screens

Windows Phone apps don’t approach the massive amount of title selections found on iTunes, but Nokia is working on that by signing up with some major game developers in the video game industry for its new Windows Phone powered devices.

According to PC Mag, Nokia announced that its Window Phones devices will see the likes of Madden Football, FIFA (soccer), Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NBA Jam, Bejeweled, and the third person shooter Dead Space. Up to 40 other EA (Electronic Arts) titles will also be developed for Nokia Windows Phone devices.

Big Bird and more sports

Sesame Workshop will offer titles such as read along books with the Muppets for the younger crowd, video content, and assorted Sesame Street related games.

ESPN will localize its content and provide the ESPN Hub which will be localized to the county that Nokia Windows Phone smartphones are used. So those in India can access info about cricket matches or for our neighbors “across the pond,” rugby in merry old England.

What it all means

The push into high profile video games is another indication that Nokia is pulling out all the stops in order to generate momentum for its new line of Windows Phone devices.

Nokia, earlier this year, made the decision to scrap all of its phones running on its proprietary Symbian OS and literally start from scratch to produce a new line of Windows Phone smartphones.

We’ve all done it

It could be at a conference meeting at the TransAmerica building in San Francisco, waiting for friends at the Stonestown Mall or at China First before your dish of dim sum arrives; we all play games on our cell phones at one time or another.

So if we were betting on this, (which we aren’t) we’d offer a guess between November of this year and February 2012 for the launch of these games.