Specifications Game FIFA 16


Some interesting features have been prepared Electronic Arts (EA) in the latest football game, FIFA 16. It includes the option selecting women’s soccer team that utfifas will not be found in other football games. Today, EA officially issued recommendations PC specs needed to play the game.

The EA recommends PCs that use operating system Windows 8 64-bit or above. In addition, the PC is recommended to use the Intel i5-2550K 3.4GHz processor with 8GB of RAM.

Computers also have to provide space for 15GB HDD and must be installed in DirectX 11, and wearing a graphics card ATI Radeon HD 6870 or NVIDIA GTX 460.

For a minimum specification itself, users of Windows 7 can still play this game. However, Windows 7 should be used with versions of 54-bit Intel Core i3-2100 3,1GHz processor with 4GB of RAM. In addition, the PC also must wear a DirectX 11 GPU ATI Radeon HD 5770 or NVIDIA GTX 650.

In addition to the PC version, the EA will also launch cheapest fifa 16 coins this game for a console game, either PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Was held in conjunction with the launch of FIFA 16 for the PC, which is in September.

Appearing having a wide array of beautiful capabilities in FIFA 16 this year

Among the stunning attributes in FIFA 16 is Play Stunning. FIFA 16 creates all by means of the whole pitch to make a harmonized, authentic and thrilling football experience that makes the gamer play their way. It can be to take portion at a greater level. The gamer would be to possess the Self-assurance in Defending; take Control in Midfield and the gamer is usually to create much more moments of Magic in comparable to prior. It is FIFA 16 as you’ll be able to Play Attractive. The gamers can choose buying fifa 16 coins from the expert on-line gaming residence to produce a potent FIFA 16 team.

contemplating the Self-confidence in defending

FIFA 16 supplies the tools for the gamer to shut the challenger with self-assurance. It is to move with greater liberty as a defender. It really is to rely upon the team from the gamer to protect as a unit. Furthermore, the backline from the gamer is to track the threatening runs to create the harmonization from the invasion to protection. When FIFA 16 becomes live, the gamer can find out fifa coins in the experienced on the web gaming house to produce a effective FIFA 16 group.

introduction of defensive agility

It is actually to apply the twenty-five inventive trait alterations for the mobility and locomotion to spot the skilled players. The mobile defenders can shut down the space and alter the path rapidly whilst applying the swing-step manner to remain using the opponent. The gamer is to sense liberty of movement because the gamer spot the runs and look to breaking up the invasions. Though contemplating protection as a Unit, it is actually to protect together, overcome with each other. It depends upon the teammates with the gamer to wrap the gaps whenever you shut down an invader. The new defensive AI supplies greater awareness of risky space to the players upon the pitch linking for the ball as well as their challenger. The teammates of the gamer are to track back to shut the sophisticated invading runs, and closing down the angles of the invasion. The skilled on the web gaming homes are going to begin providing the fifa 16 coins to the players when FIFA 16 becomes live. The coin is the in-game currency of FIFA 16 and it makes the gamers procure the ideal offered players in conjunction with the products to produce a strong FIFA 16 team. The innovation of new tackling fundamentals indicates that the gamer becomes wedged. In addition, the gamer gains the ball once more with new tackling mechanics and animations. You’ll find all new slides, standing and fake tackles although making a move for the responsiveness from the ball, prizing, and amusement.

Controlling In Midfield

Games are overcome and lost within the midfield in FIFA 16. Even so, the midfield matters. It is to stay in possession with patient make-up playing or pining clinical passes through the space to start an invasion. The players foresee the passes and they move to the shutting down selection and shut the passing channels. The smarter teammates are to appear for the space and make more selections to create play all by way of the midfield. click here to buy

French – Nice home 6 ball victory over Bordeaux Saint-Etienne jumped to second place

Paris, Sept. 23 Xinhua News fifa 16 coins Agency Sports news (reporter Zhang Han) French first seven matches of the 23rd proceed with Benzema and other said “87 golden generation” of the Alpha one person scored twice to help Nice Team 6: 1 home defeat French powerhouse Bordeaux team, Saint-Etienne team returned with Troyes midfielder Ayas of an own road victory, jumped standings in second place, with a lead of Paris just under one minute between Saint-Germain. Nice in this “back to back” victory won the Allianz Arena, the home team had to face the dilemma that is conceded shortly after the opening, but they equalized after a series of staged drama called shaking reversal.


The first six minutes when, four months sidelined through injury for the visitors Plašil first break, and Nice to wait 27 minutes before hot ear Man with Valery header to tie the game. 9 minutes later, another 25-year-old striker Le Bian local tip Ben Arfa back pinball succeeded, so the home team a 2: 1 lead at halftime. The ut coin traders second half began, the situation even more worse Bordeaux, the first 50 minutes when Christian Willy red card sent off, just one minute Houpaluwa help goalkeeper Carrasso mistake Chuojin own goal when the ball with ease. The first 68 minutes, the ball get rid of the Alpha containment and calmly tapping Network; six minutes after he launched an offensive lightning, broke again. This is the 28-year-old midfielder third and fourth goals of the season.


The first 84 minutes, the only 21-year-old striker Mendy once again icing on the cake, as the team locked 6: 1 victory. The victory helped the French standings nice team temporarily rose to eighth place, underperforming the beginning of the season at No. 16 in Bordeaux. While another seven French first race, the newly promoted team Ayas Troyes in the 13th minute while trying to cross the barrier of St-Etienne striker A Muma, unexpectedly ball “siege” into his own ball network.


As strength significantly higher than the opponent’s side, St Etienne several times in front of the audience manufacturing threat, but to no avail, and ultimately achieved just by an own league five straight, temporarily rose to second place. Troyes remains the embarrassing record after a winless promoted to Serie A, the retention bottom third. Other screenings game on the same day, the 19 year-old striker Kalu Lu native scored a career in the French first ball, the runner-up last season to help Lyon team 2: 0 win over fifa 16 ps coins 10-man team Bastia made the first home victory of the season; half of last season champions Marseille team has three players sent off, ultimately with Bashuyayi bench in the 90th minute goal in a 1: 1 risk level Toulouse team; Luo Lyon 2: 0 home win over Caen team, ushered in three straight; Ajaccio team with 1: 1 home draw against Rennes, end five-game losing streak, while the league countdown to the first position “to” give Montpellier team round without a fight.

FIFA 16 Striker Attributes: Shooting, Dribbling, Pace

We know the Wrokrates is the most important attribute for a Striker, today we will talk about other three important striker attributes: Shooting, Dribbling, and Pace.

1. Shooting

Finishing, shot power, long shots
Different attack workrates players with different emphases for these 3 attribute.

High attack workrates: the most important attribute is finishing.
Med attack workrates: the most important attribute is shot power.
Low attack workrates: if you want to use these players, the long shots is the most important attribute, they play the game more like a CM or CAM.

2. Dribbling

Dribbling is the most important for medium attack workrate striker, they have more time and chance with the ball. Ball control, dribbling, and agility are important for ST, if a ST have 2+ attributes with high values, then he can control the ball very well. If these 3 attributes are low values, the ST have to try to more pass, avoid control the ball a long time.

Skill Moves also is a important attribute for striker, 4* can do berbaspin and rainbow, 5* can do mcgeady spin and scoop turn, these are very practical skill moves when 1 VS1 in the game.
Of course, skill moves only embellishment compared to ball control, but for any position players, these attributes are more important.

3. Pace

Pace is very important for each ST, can let some mediocre striker into a monster. Pace is divided into Acceleration and Sprint Speed.
For medium attack workrate ST, Sprint Speed is very important. They back on defense active, need a long distance sprint.
For high attack workrate ST, Acceleration is more important. They are very close from the goal, high explosive let them get rid of the last defensive player easy to complete the goal.

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