Specifications Game FIFA 16


Some interesting features have been prepared Electronic Arts (EA) in the latest football game, FIFA 16. It includes the option selecting women’s soccer team that utfifas will not be found in other football games. Today, EA officially issued recommendations PC specs needed to play the game.

The EA recommends PCs that use operating system Windows 8 64-bit or above. In addition, the PC is recommended to use the Intel i5-2550K 3.4GHz processor with 8GB of RAM.

Computers also have to provide space for 15GB HDD and must be installed in DirectX 11, and wearing a graphics card ATI Radeon HD 6870 or NVIDIA GTX 460.

For a minimum specification itself, users of Windows 7 can still play this game. However, Windows 7 should be used with versions of 54-bit Intel Core i3-2100 3,1GHz processor with 4GB of RAM. In addition, the PC also must wear a DirectX 11 GPU ATI Radeon HD 5770 or NVIDIA GTX 650.

In addition to the PC version, the EA will also launch cheapest fifa 16 coins this game for a console game, either PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Was held in conjunction with the launch of FIFA 16 for the PC, which is in September.


I’m honestly not all that interested in PvP, but I do plan on trading and either crafting/gathering. I’ve seen a few people with ideas for a traders guild, mostly that didn’t work out but I was wondering if someone stuck with it.

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I saw something about the concept not being viable right now, with a lot of PvP guilds just buying a spare account to do all of their crafting but given how Albion’s staff has been working on fixing a lot of issues I really believe that will change in the future. I’ve been in games where multiple accounts weren’t allowed and they almost always wind up coming down hard on such people once they have the leisure. Since this game is in Alpha, they don’t really care right now because they have bigger issues (and probably could use the money).

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That said I do believe the concept of a traders guild is viable in the long term, it’s not going to be something that succeeds in one Alpha though. It will take a large number of people and alliances with willing PvP guilds in return for benefits (like discounts and special orders). If there is a guild out there like this already I would very much like to be a part of it. If not I plan on making one myself. So if anyone knows anything, or has advice, or is also interested, please let me know!

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UNDEAD is recruiting all types of players to become self sufficient we can also provide you with allot of the thing’s you may need as a crafter mats/silver/protection/Crafting stations. We are organized,run many dungeons and are all time-frames so when ever you log on there will always be something going on.


.Also as a trading guild you will need an ally that is dedicated to providing the things listed above but that’s only my opinion based on experience as we allied a crafting guild last test but i’m not completely sure why there guild did’t work out sadley they never really asked us for help (we were mostly silver farmers last test and could provide them with the silver which was part of our agreements )or helped us as it was intended they did help but not really as crafters(how it was intended).There members kind of just hopped in our parties with forsaken and UNDEAD not sure about DO.I do see a crafting/trading guild being successful and helping there allies immensely it would just have to be very organized and constantly have meeting’s with the other leaders in the alliance to figure out what they need and what we need.

source control combine to closely rely on the cadres

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